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    Membership Configuration

    In This Article:

      Configuring Membership to meet your needs is easy! Take a moment to identify your Membership levels, benefits, etc. using the guide below.  This page was designed for print and constructed to help you organize your Membership details.

      Membership Guide

      • What is your first membership type? For example, individual, family, etc.
      • Are there different categories or levels of this membership? If so, what are their names?
      • Are there specific benefits (privileges or gifts) that go along with each category or level?
      • How long can this level of membership last? If you can purchase different lengths of membership for different amounts, please enter 1 line for each different price point.
      • What is the cost of each level of this specific membership type?

        NOTE: If you have a fixed price for your membership levels instead of ranged pricing (family memberships are between $150-$400, for example), this works best with Salsa CRM.

      Benefit/Level Name



      Length of Membership

























      • Do you have a specific finance account [Fund] that Memberships fund? Each different Membership "drive" would be a separate Appeal under the Membership Campaign.

      Fund Name

      Appeal Name

      Campaign Name




      • Do you have a specific letter or letters that should be sent out when someone purchases this membership type?
      • Do you have a specific letter or letters that should be sent out when someone renews this membership type?
      • Do you have a specific letter or letters that should be sent out when someone is close to their expiration date for this membership type?

      Steps to Configure Membership


      1. From the main menu, select Manage > Membership > Configuration.
      2. The Program Configuration pop‐up will appear. From here you can Add a new Membership Program or Edit an existing program.
      3. When you add a new Membership Program you will need to enter the Membership Program Name, select whether or not it is Active (if not currently active, you will want to be sure to update this when the membership is active), the Start/Activation Date (immediately, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually) and how you want the information to be Highlighted on the constituent and membership screen.
      4. Be sure to select the Save button.
      5. Upon saving this information you will be presented with additional information to complete. You will want to set up the Categories/Types and Packages/Promotions for this Membership Program. To do this, select the Add button which corresponds with the Benefit Categories or Membership Types.
        • Benefit Categories: These define the benefits of membership at a specific level. This can be looked at as being similar to the idea of event levels. 
        • Membership Types: Examples of types would be Family, Individual, etc.
      6. Define the Packages, which are combinations of benefit Category and membership Type.  When entering the Packages, you will select the proper Category that you created in the previous step and the corresponding Type. Enter the Cost and Value and indicate if it is currently active. The Duration is how long this package will be offered. You can also create and choose default Welcome Letters, Renewal Letters and Notice Letters. If you have members who have been part of this membership package for quite a while, and you will be phasing it out as an active offering, you can select the Allow Grandfathering option. For the finances, you can set a default Fund, Campaign, Appeal and Donation Letter. The Donation Gift Letter can be used when someone has purchased a membership for someone else. This letter is for the recipient of the membership gift.  
      7. When entering the Promotions, you will Name the promotion (i.e. specials you are currently running, Groupon offerings, Living Social offerings, etc), enter the Discount (percent of discount or dollars off of typical cost), the Start and End Date. The Type allows you to select if this is for All members, new or renewing. Choose your letter defaults and defaults for Fund, Campaign, Appeal, Donation Letter and Donation Gift letter. These are not required fields, but are meant to help speed up the member entry/recognition process. 

        Note: If you don't select any letters for the promotion and you leave them blank, the thank yous on the package selected will become the defaults. This is true of funds, campaigns and appeals as well.
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