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    Membership Variables

    In This Article:

      There are many variables available for use in letter creation. If you want to view a full list of Membership Variables available in your database, go to Manage > Membership > Members and, in the lower right-hand corner, select the View as AQ button.

      The column headers which appear on the Advanced Query screen can be used as variables but they must be:

      • Spelled exactly as seen on the screen.
      • Surrounded by two curly brackets {{ }} in the document. 
      Category Fields in Category
      (surrounded by two curly brackets {{ }} in the Document)
      Category Description

      Member Number

      Member Salutation

      Primary Member's unique member number and formal salutation.
      Member List

      Member List Formal

      Member List Formal Without Primary

      Member List Informal

      Member List Informal Without Primary

      Member List Smart Addressee

      Member List Smart Addressee Without Primary

      Lists of names of members in a subscription, with or without the primary member.

      • Formal — Title and Last Names, or First Names if no Title is present.
      • Informal — Nicknames, or First Names if no Nickname is present.
      • Smart Addressee — Configurable format for addressing letters, for example.

      Membership Category

      Membership Type

      Membership Duration

      Membership Package

      Membership Program

      Membership Promotion

      Subscription details:

      • Category — Benefit levels
      • Type — For example, Individual, Corporate, Family, etc.
      • Duration — How long the subscription lasts
      • Package —  Combinations of Categories and Types
      • Program — Completely separate membership programs, if managed separately.
      • Promotion — Discount campaigns to subscription prices; either percentages or dollars off.
      Primary Member

      Primary Member Address

      Primary Member Address City

      Primary Member Address Country

      Primary Member Address Line 1

      Primary Member Address Line 2

      Primary Member Address Postal Code

      Primary Member Address Postal Code Suffix

      Primary Member Address Prefix 1

      Primary Member Address State/Province

      Primary Member Constituent Number

      Primary Member Contact Name

      Primary Member Email

      Primary Member Formal Salutation

      Primary Member Informal Salutation

      Primary Member Smart Addressee

      Primary Member's address, salutations, and contact information.

      Promotion Discount

      Promotion Discount Amount

      Discounts will be either one or the other.

      Subscription Active Date

      Subscription Active Date Text

      Subscription Cost

      Subscription Donation ID

      Subscription End Date

      Subscription End Date Text

      Subscription ID

      Subscription Joined Date

      Subscription Joined Date Text

      Subscription Original Timestamp

      Subscription Start Date

      Subscription Start Date Text

      Subscription Timestamp

      Subscription Value

      Subscription start and active dates may be entirely different, depending on the configuration of the Membership. For instance, subscriptions may be retroactive to the first day of the month or quarter, or may not be active until the following month or quarter. 

      Date format — MM/DD/YYYY

      Date Text format — i.e., September 3, 2018

      Subscription Contact

      Subscription Contact Address

      Subscription Contact Constituent Number

      Subscription Contact Email

      Subscription Contact Formal Salutation

      Subscription Contact Informal Salutation

      Subscription Contact Smart Addressee

      Subscription contact may or may not be the primary member. For instance, if the membership was a gift, the contact could be the person who ordered and purchased the membership. 
      Subscription Donor

      Subscription Donor Address

      Subscription Donor Constituent Number

      Subscription Donor Email

      Subscription Donor Formal Salutation

      Subscription Donor Informal Salutation

      Subscription Donor Smart Addressee

      Subscription donor may or may not be the primary member. For instance, if the membership was a gift, the donor would be the person who purchased the membership. 
      Subscription Letter

      Subscription Letter Address

      Subscription Letter Constituent Number

      Subscription Letter Email

      Subscription Letter Formal Salutation

      Subscription Letter Informal Salutation

      Subscription Letter Sent Date

      Subscription Letter Sent Date Text

      Subscription Letter Smart Addressee 

      Subscription letter indicates the original introduction letter to the members introducing the subscription. The Letter "contact" may or may not be the primary member. For instance, if the membership was a gift, the letter "contact" could be the person who ordered and purchased the membership.
      Subscription Referred By

      Subscription Referred By Address

      Subscription Referred By Constituent Number

      Subscription Referred By Email

      Subscription Referred By Formal Salutation

      Subscription Referred By Informal Salutation

      Subscription Referred By Smart Addressee

      Subscription members may be referred by a third-party. 
      Subscription Renewal

      Subscription Renewal Notice Address

      Subscription Renewal Notice Constituent Number

      Subscription Renewal Notice Email

      Subscription Renewal Notice Formal Salutation

      Subscription Renewal Notice Informal Salutation

      Subscription Renewal Notice Smart Addressee

      Subscription Notice Sent Date

      Subscription Notice Sent Date Text

      Subscription Renewal indicates the subscription renewal notice letter to the members. The notice "contact" may or may not be the primary member. For instance, if the membership was a gift, the notice "contact" could be the person who ordered and purchased the membership.
      Subscription Solicitor

      Subscription Solicitor Address

      Subscription Solicitor Constituent Number

      Subscription Solicitor Email

      Subscription Solicitor Formal Salutation

      Subscription Solicitor Informal Salutation

      Subscription Solicitor Smart Addressee 

      Subscription Solicitor refers to constituents who are tasked with soliciting memberships and is used to track progress toward their solicitation goals. 


      Creating a letter for membership purposes is done in the same manner as any other form letter in Salsa CRM. Google Docs contains membership variables in the Insert Variables menu.

      Once created in the Word Processor, you will want to add it as a Form Letter through the Configuration screen as a Membership-type Form Letter.

      A list of the variables can also be found on our online Help by going to the main menu and selecting Help > Online Help and searching for the Membership section.

      Custom Fields
      Any custom fields you create for Membership will be available as variables. Simply type in the correct wording/spelling of the custom field name and surround it with two curly brackets {{ }}. So if you had a custom field called Magazine Recpt, the custom field variable would look like this when placed in your letter: {{Magazine Recpt}}

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