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    Membership Variables

    In This Article:

      There are many variables available for use in letter creation. If you want to view a full list of Membership Variables available in your database, go to Manage > Membership > Members and, in the lower right hand corner, select the View as AQ button.

      The column headers which appear on the Advanced Query screen can be used as variables but they must be:

      1. Spelled exactly as seen on the screen
      2. Surrounded by {{ }} in the document. 

      Creating a letter for membership purposes is done in the same manner as any other form letter in Salsa CRM. Once created in the Word Processor, you will want to add it as a Form Letter through the Configuration screen.

      Be sure to use the Letter Type of Membership when selecting where to place this document. 

      A list of the variables can also be found on our online Help by going to the main menu and selecting Help > Online Help and searching for the Membership section.

      Custom Fields
      Any custom fields you create for Membership will be available as variables. Simply type in the correct wording/spelling of the custom field name and surround it with {{ }}. So if you had a custom field called Magazine Recpt, the custom field variable would look like this when placed in your letter: {{Magazine Recpt}}

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