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    Member Subscription Search and Query

    In This Article:

      To search for members...

      1. Navigate to the Manage > Membership > Members screen.
      2. Using the filters at the top of the screen, you can search for members 
      3. Use the Add button next to the Saved Criteria to save specific searches you create with the filters at the top of the screen.
      4. Type the name you would like to give this search criteria for future use.
      5. The Subscriptions panel will list the subscriptions that match your criteria. Use the Key at the bottom of the screen to easily distinguish between Active, Expiring Soon, Renewed, Recently Expired, and Expired subscriptions.
      6. The grouping of buttons to the right of the key allow you to easily...
        • Refresh the screen.
        • Select All Rows of the search.
        • View as AQ displays search results as an Advanced Query output.
        • Print Selected prints corresponding letters and labels for the subscriptions selected in the Subscriptions panel.  
      7. The Custom tab allows you to search for subscriptions based on custom fields.


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