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      View, refund, reallocate (P2P only), export, and import financial transactions through the Transactions view. 

      To view a list of all of the transactions that your organization has collected, click the Transactions tab on the left-hand menu. The Transactions window will open, and the focus will be on the Transactions tab, where you will find a list of all successful, failed, and refunded transactions. Use the search bar to limit your results if you are looking for a specific transaction.

      Pro Tip: If you want to manually add a credit card donation, it has to be on the Fundraising live form or P2P form "Results" campaign admin page, not from the Transactions or Supporters screen.


      NOTE: The Amount defined for recurring donations cannot be edited. To change a recurring donation amount, you must cancel the donation and then create a new one with the updated amount.

      View Transaction Details

      To view a transaction's details, click any field for the transaction.


      This will take you to a screen with further details, such as the page from which the transaction came from, the supporter who made the donation, and whether custom fields were used.

      Refund a Transaction

      Transactions may only be refunded for 60 days. DO NOT refund a transaction anywhere other than in the Salsa Engage platform if the transaction was made within a Salsa Engage form. If you want to refund a transaction that is less than 60 days old...

      1. Open the transaction that you want to refund.
      2. Click the Refund Entire Payment button. The Refund Options dialog box will open to confirm that you want to refund the transaction.
      3. Click OK. The donation record will remain in the table on the Transaction tab, and the Amount will be $0.00. The refund will be processed at 8:00 PM on the day the refund is made (if it is made before 8:00 PM; otherwise, the refund will be processed at 8:00 PM on the subsequent day). Salsa has no control over when a bank or credit card will post the refund. Refunded transactions cannot be reversed.

      Reallocate a P2P Donation

      Salsa Engage enables you to reallocate P2P donations.

      1. Open the P2P donation (from a supporter to an individual or team) that needs to have funds reallocated.
      2. Click the Reallocate button at the bottom of the Total Purchase frame. The Reallocate Donation dialog box will appear.
      3. To the right of the table, click the plus (+) or minus (-) icon to respectively allocate or de-allocate the donation. For example, let's say that for a given transaction Team A and Team B have a donation allocated to them but Team C does not. If you want to de-allocate the donation from Team A and Team B and instead allocate the donation to Team C, click the plus icon for Team A and Team B, and then click the minus icon for Team C. Team A and Team B will now each have a minus icon, indicating that the donation is not being allocated to them, and Team C will have a plus icon, indicating that the donation is allocated to Team C.
      4. Click the Save button.

      Cancel Recurring Payments

      1. Open the recurring transaction. The Cancel all future transactions checkbox will appear at the bottom of the record only if the transaction is a recurring payment.
      2. Click the Cancel all future transactions button. The Cancel dialog box will appear to confirm that you sure about canceling all future transactions.
      3. Click OK.
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