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    Access Control

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      We place a high priority on keeping your data safe. We've designed multiple levels of security to keep unwanted actors out of your database and to keep unauthorized users from accessing data they're not supposed to access. 

      User IDs and Passwords, stored in the Access Control node, serve to define unique access points. Any data entry in Salsa CRM includes who entered the information and when they entered it by storing these User IDs and update timestamps along with the rest of the data. User IDs and Passwords should be unique to each user. Add these fields in the Access Control node of the constituent record.

      Salsa CRM incorporates a sophisticated, job-based Roles security system which enables the System Administrator to define access rights by job function and then assign individuals to these functions or Roles. When a user does not have that permission, either the functionality will not be seen by them or a lock appears over a button, or they won't otherwise be able to access that functionality. When a constituent record does not have any Role defined, then the user cannot log in at all.

      Security controls provide a another way to ensure that users access only the constituent records you want them to access. In order to access a constituent's record, users who are not logged in as Admin or have the Salsa CRM Admin role or have the All Permissions permission must have a Security Level greater than the Access Level of the constituent whose record they are trying to access. 

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