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    Synchronizing Activities to Campaigns

    In This Article:

      Engage activity forms automatically create a corresponding campaign in Salesforce whenever the form is published. This document describes when and how the integration syncs fundraising and advocacy activities created in Engage to Campaigns in Salesforce. Data managers who are responsible for understanding the processes the integration uses to sync fundraising and advocacy details to Salesforce will find this document particularly useful

      Fundraising activity data mapping is covered in the documentation on Synchronizing Donations and OpportunitiesWhenever the integration syncs, the purchaser will transfer to Salesforce as the matching contact record and corresponding donations/tickets/purchases will transfer to Salesforce as opportunities. If no contact record exists or still needs to be created (for example, if the contact is in the Salsa Engage New Supporter Queue) then the opportunity does not get created without an existing contact record to which it would be connected. This will prevent opportunities from being created without a contact.


      Targeted actions and petitions have the same data mapping. Each advocacy activity created in Engage is stored in Salesforce as a campaign. Each supporter who takes action is stored as a contact and a member of the campaign. All action data and every communication for each target/channel is stored as custom Salsa Engage Action object in the contact record.

      A single submission can have multiple communications. For example, a target set to the US Senate means a supporter will contact two senators in a single submission and possibly via multiple channels, such as email, Twitter, or Click-to-Call. Each communication will have a distinct record in the Salsa Engage Action object.


      Fundraising form data mapping is covered in the documentation on Synchronizing Donations and Opportunities.

      Event or Peer-to-Peer data mapping is covered in the documentation on How Events/P2P Transactions Map to Salesforce.

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