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    Custom Fields and Custom Objects In Your Salesforce Layouts

    In This Article:

      You may have different Salesforce layouts for different user types or other plugins that you’ve added to your Contact, Opportunity, Campaign, and Campaign Member page layouts. The Salsa Engage-Salesforce integration app adds a number of custom fields and custom objects to your Salesforce account. By default, custom fields and custom objects are not added to your standard Contact, Campaign, Campaign Member, or Opportunity layouts. If you want to add them, you can edit your existing layouts or, alternatively, use custom layouts added by the integration.

      Editing your existing layouts for standard objects

      Adding Salsa-related fields and objects can easily be done using Salesforce’s built-in Layout management tools. A full list of custom fields and objects that can be added to each standard object can found in the List of Data Objects That Sync.

      Using Layouts provided by the Integration App

      After installing the Salsa Engage Integration app in Salesforce, new custom Layouts are added for Contact, Opportunity, Campaign, and Campaign Member. These layouts include key Salsa fields and objects and organize them into useful subsections. They are prefixed with “Salsa Integrated” and can be found alongside any other custom layouts you’ve created. For example, your standard and custom Contact layouts:


      Here’s an example of the Opportunity layout once it’s installed:


      If you would like to use the app-installed layouts, simply change the layout assigned to the applicable Salesforce profile:


      Finally, if there are fields or other objects that you’d like to add to any “Salsa Integrated” layout, follow the steps in the previous section to modify it accordingly.

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