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    Troubleshooting Synchronization Errors

    In This Article:

      This document defines how the integration logs sync activity and tracks errors in the integration sync. If you are the data manager responsible for ensuring that data is transferred without issues and available in a timely fashion, this topic is of particular importance.

      Sync Log

      Track the status and history of your syncs between Salesforce and Engage:

      1. Select the Salesforce menu on the left.
      2. Select the Log tab for more information.

      Each sync log entry displays...

      • A timestamp relating to the status of that job.
      • Whether the sync was scheduled or manually initiated.
      • Whether the information originated in Salesforce or in Engage.
      • Whether contacts/supporters, donations, or activity pages/records were transferred.

      Find Sync Errors

      Error reporting and sync log entries are found in the Salesforce sync settings page.

      1. Select the Salesforce menu on the left.
      2. Select the Errors tab for more information.

      Sync Error Notification

      We have included a field for identifying who needs to be notified in case a failure occurs during a sync job. Fill in Who Should We Notify by Email When Sync Errors Occur on the Errors tab.

      Viewing Error Messages in Engage

      Errors may be specific to the sync configuration, data validation issues, or permission problems.  Error messages are grouped by type and detail. This means that if you have an error for 100 supporter records, you will see only one error row for that error type. Click on any error record to see more detailDepending on the record type, links to affected records will be provided, for example, a supporter record, contact record, donation record, etc.

      Retry Sync

      For any error which presents Retry Sync button as an option in the pop-up window (as above, blue button), all records included in the error will be flagged for resync and will remove the error entry. Then on the next scheduled sync (or if manually triggered), the sync will attempt to synchronize. If the error recurs, the integration will generate a new instance of the error.

      Create Group

      If you would like to further research supporters that generated errors, this button (as above, orange button) will create a static Group in Engage and add those supporters to that Group.

      Resend Unique Supporter Data

      Sometimes, unless there's an error, new supporters haven't yet been pushed through the sync. If they're not awaiting resolution in the Salsa Engage New Supporter queue, it may become necessary to attempt to resend Engage data to Salesforce. You can queue up a specific supporter's data to fully resend on the next sync by using the Resend to Salesforce button on the Salesforce tab of a specific supporter.


      Run a Manual Sync

      On the Salesforce Account tab, select the Run Manual Sync button to attempt to sync data at the next interval defined just above the button.

      Resend All Engage Data

      If data in Salesforce is lost or needs to be resent, you can use the full Resend All Data From Engage to Salesforce button, at the bottom of the Account tab. This action will re-send all eligible data for all supporters, activities, donations, etc.

      NOTE: This process may take some time and will use a high number of Salesforce API calls. Previously synced records will not be duplicated. 

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