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    NEW! Synchronizing Opportunities to Offline Donations

    In This Article:

      In your Salesforce account, you may have donation data representing years of supporter gifts. These may have come from offline check or cash gifts or online donations made through other systems. You may want to integrate this data into Salsa Engage to take advantage of Engage's automated functions such as dynamic groups which segment your Engage supporters based on pre-created rules or Donation Preset Fields which add calculated donation requests that personalize your fundraising asks. Using the Salsa Engage—Salesforce integration, you can optionally sync these donations to Salsa Engage.

      Configuring the Integration to Import Salesforce Opportunities

      To turn this feature on...

      • Click the Salesforce button in the menu on the left in Engage.
      • In the Opportunities sub-section, click on the option to Sync Offline Opportunities from Salesforce to Engage.
      • Once this option is enabled, additional settings will display.
        • If you’re using Opportunity Record Types, a selection box allows you to pick which Opportunity Record Types you’d like the integration to import.
        • In addition, a similar selection box allows you to pick the Opportunity Stages that will qualify an Opportunity for import to Engage. Only Stages that are of the type “Closed/Won” will be eligible for import.
      • Click Save on the Settings screen to enable.

      On the next sync after you enable these options, the integration will look for eligible Opportunities that have a synced Contact set as the Primary Contact Role. They will be imported as offline transactions associated with the matching Engage supporter. The Source for all imported Opportunities will be set to 'Salesforce'. The following fields will be imported into Engage:

      Opportunity Engage Transaction
      Salesforce ID Salesforce ID
      Amount Amount
      Closed Date Transaction Date
      Contact linked as Primary Contact Role Supporter


      What If An Opportunity Changes After Import?

      • Stage Change—If any synced Opportunities change from the 'Closed/Won' stage type to some other type, the sync automatically deletes the offline donation from Engage.
      • Primary Contact Change—If the Primary Contact Role changes from one Contact to another and both are synced contacts, the transaction will switch to the correct supporter in Engage on the next sync—this includes when two records are merged in Salesforce.
      • New Primary Contact Not Synced to Engage—If the Contact with the new Primary Contact Role is not synced to Engage, the imported donation will be deleted.
      • Opportunity Deleted—If the imported Opportunity is deleted in Salesforce or the Primary Contact Role is removed, the integration will delete the transaction in Engage as well. This ensures that all donations have a valid supporter to which they are assigned.
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