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    Salsa CRM and Salsa Engage Integration

    In This Article:

      When you set up Salsa CRM and Salsa Engage, the applications are aware of each other, and you can even launch Salsa Engage from Salsa CRM. They are designed to work in a highly complementary--but independent--manner. This document reviews how Salsa CRM and Salsa Engage work together.

      Salsa CRM provides a robust constituent database and donor management system. However, Salsa CRM has few outbound engagement features and is primarily used for data management, cultivating donors, and running reports to understand your donor base and trends.

      Salsa Engage is a powerful tool that is primarily focused on engagement with your supporters, including digital marketing, online fundraising, online advocacy, and peer-to-peer fundraising. However, Salsa Engage does not have the robust donor management features of Salsa CRM. For example, when looking to understand how your marketing efforts are performing, you would use Salsa Engage. When looking to know more about a single individual, you would use the Salsa CRM.

      Combined, Salsa CRM and Salsa Engage seamlessly manage key supporter data and transactions, providing a powerful, all-in-one solution for managing supporters and outreach. Records can be selected in Salsa CRM and then pushed to Salsa Engage. For example, you might create a group in Salsa CRM as a target for an email outreach and then sync that group with Salsa Engage. Once records are pushed from Salsa CRM to Salsa Engage, changes to the record in either application will automatically be reflected in all of the fields that are common between the two applications.

      Shared, Unique Database ID

      Salsa Engage and Salsa CRM each maintain their own database, and when supporter records are in Salsa CRM and Salsa Engage, the two applications work together. To enable this coordination, supporters that have records in both applications are given a unique database ID. This is used to keep records synchronized between the two applications. But this isn't something you have to worry about. The ID is generated and managed automatically, behind the scenes, by Salsa.

      Proactive Deduplication

      Another powerful feature that you get when you use Salsa CRM with Salsa Engage is proactive deduplication. "Proactive Deduplication" refers to what Salsa CRM does automatically with potential duplicate records that are pushed down to it from Salsa Engage. While Salsa CRM and Salsa Engage each has its own deduplication algorithms, Salsa CRM enables you to deduplicate new records that were pushed down from Salsa Engage. Salsa CRM then pushes the deduplicated records back up to Salsa Engage. See Proactive Deduplication for Salsa CRM and Salsa Engage for details.

      Custom Fields

      Salsa CRM supports custom fields that do not exist in Salsa Engage and vice-versa. However, if you need to use a common custom field in both applications, both applications feature a "common" custom field type that remains hard-wired between the two applications. Any custom field that is created in Sala Engage (except for the Activity field) is automatically created and synced to Salsa CRM. These display in the common fields area of Salsa CRM. In addition, Salsa CRM has additional custom fields for use cases in which you want to collect and store data that will not be used for online engagement. Note, any custom fields that need access control in Salsa CRM must be created in Salsa CRM. To do this, choose from the Salsa CRM Main Constituent custom fields or My Salsa CRM fields.

      Fields That Are Shared Between Salsa CRM and Salsa Engage

      Salsa CRM and Salsa Engage are each specially suited to their own purpose. Consequently, not all fields are shared between the two applications. Any field that is not listed in the sections below is not shared between Salsa CRM and Salsa Engage. These include things like detailed email performance and donation form performance information.

      Constituent Info Passed Between Salsa CRM and Salsa Engage

      • First Name
      • Middle Name
      • Last Name
      • Email
      • Email Status
      • Title
      • Suffix
      • Date of Birth
      • Gender
      • Home Phone
      • Work Phone
      • Cell Phone
      • Twitter ID
      • Facebook ID
      • Address Line 1
      • Address Line 2
      • City
      • State
      • Zip
      • Country
      • County
      • Federal District
      • State House District
      • State Senate District
      • County District
      • Municipality District
      • Mail Merge
      • LinkedIn ID
      • Latitude
      • Longitude
      • Custom Fields (of the type "common")
      • Fax Number
      • Activity Custom Fields

      Donation Info Passed From Salsa Engage to Salsa CRM

      All of the above, plus the following donation related information:

      • batch
      • donor name (last, title, first, last)
      • donation amount
      • received date
      • fund
      • campaign
      • appeal
      • payment type
      • credit card (last 4 digits)
      • credit card authorization code
      • online dedication
      • designation
      • activity custom fields
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