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    Glossary of Common Terms

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      Gift Count
      Total Gift Amounts
      Largest Gift Amount
      Largest Gift Amount Ever
      Largest Gift Date Ever
      Largest Gift Fund Ever
      Last Gift Date
      Last Gift Date Ever
      Last Gift Amount Ever
      Last Gift Fund Ever
      First Gift Date
      First Gift Date Ever
      First Gift Amount Ever
      First Gift Fund Ever

      In a Constituent Query, these fields represent aggregate fields, or calculations, performed on each constituent who meets the filter criteria of your query. All of these calculations are subject to any filter restrictions like (but not limited to) Received Date, Payment Type, Donation Type, Fund Name, etc.

      "First" means the earliest or oldest record.
      "Last" means the latest or newest record.
      "Largest" means the biggest record.
      "Total" means a sum of all records.
      "Ever" means for all time.
      "Fund" means the Fund Name designated on the first/last/largest donation record.

      Acknowledgment Recipient

      Constituent(s) assigned as the person(s) to whom Acknowledgement Letters would be sent for memorial donations. This is set as a relationship.

      Acknowledgement Wizard

      Guide to creating a group of acknowledgment letters to be sent to Caregivers/Family for memorial donations, or honorees on honor donations

      Advanced Query Wizard

      Provides options to create a new query, open existing (saved) query definition, view results of a previous query, or open another data source. Though Salsa CRM Reports will often pull everything you need, The Advanced Query Wizard is helpful for ad hoc reports.


      Allows a user to determine minimum, maximum, average, sum or count of any numeric field in Salsa CRM. Also allows a user to List items in a single row. To use this feature, right click on the Available Field at Step #2 of Advanced Query Wizard.


      What stimulated the donor to donate? Individual fundraising activities within a yearly campaign, such as a Spring Appeal Mailing or an Event.


      The grouping of donations for easy reconciliation/search. Batches can be named any name you choose. Common naming conventions include naming by date of deposit (YYYY/MM/DD format), by week, or by special event. Many organizations find it helpful to have separate batches for "types" of entries: For Example "Nov 2015 Pledges," "May 2015 Gifts in Kind," etc. Entering a batch from a deposit slip helps users who need to reconcile bank statements.


      Fundraising program you are raising funds to support - and normally has a goal attached to it. (ie Capital Building Campaign). Typically annual (yearly) in nature.


      A spouse/partner or any other constituent in Salsa CRM who is associated with the donation. For couples, it is best to be consistent with which one is the donor and co-donor.

      Constituent Explorer

      Nodes or Data Selection Points on the left side of the screen on a constituent record. If data is populated in a node, the button will be bold and if no data, will be grayed-out.

      Constituent Merge Utility

      Allows users to merge multiple instances of the same constituent into one record (clean up duplicates).


      Configuring and documenting a process to reach a goal. Also known as "moves management".

      Custom Field

      Organization-defined field with your organization's defined values. Available on the Constituent, Donation and My Salsa CRM screens.

      Data Sync/import

      Allows the import of constituent data into a Salsa CRM database. The source file must be comma delimited and must be saved with a file extension of .csv. Column headers must be recognized Salsa CRM field names.

      Deceased Spouse

      A relationship that should be set up in Salsa CRM when a spouse passes away. A deceased date should also be entered on the record. This allows for easy exclusion for mailings, etc. We also recommend adding a reciprocating relation for "Surviving Spouse".

      Donation Statistics Wizard

      Generate reports such as monthly donation statistics on Campaigns or Appeals. This is a very basic report, useful for a quick snapshot.

      Donor Detail Report

      Report for summary information on each donor during a period of time. Allows the user to filter on a date(s), fund(s), campaign(s), appeal(s), Group(s), Giving Level, and much more.

      Salsa CRM Browser Access

      Access to your organization's database through an internet browser on the user's workstation, smartphone or tablet. Access to the organization's data is controlled locally by the organization and a user's credentials would be the same as for Salsa CRM Desktop Client access.

      Salsa CRM Desktop Client

      Access to your organization's database using an installed Salsa CRM client on the user's workstation (desktop or laptop computer). Access to the organization's data is controlled locally by the organization and a user's credentials would be the same as for Salsa CRM Browser access.

      Finance Export

      Allows for finance data export for use in certain financial software packages (such as QuickBooks) or to a .csv file.

      Finance Summary

      Reporting on the value of Campaigns, Funds, and Appeals. This report will give you a snapshot in time of your fundraising efforts.

      (Smart)Formal Salutation

      Will use Title(s) and Last Name(s) on a letter. If no titles are entered on the constituent record, only First Name(s) will be used.

      NOTE: If merging from a query, in this example, Title, First Name, Last or Org Name must be included in the output fields in the query.


      Allows the user to track information specific to your organization and store it on an individual's record. Useful for collecting special information about a subset(s) of your constituency.


      Often classified as either "restricted" or "non-restricted" income accounts in your financial software package. Where, specifically, will the money be spent?

      Giving Levels

      Annual Gift Ranges you establish. Allows for ease of use of the Cumulative Giving Report. For example: $0.00 to 249.99 = Bronze; $250.00 - $999.99 = Silver; .>$1000.00 = Gold


      Place constituents in groups to segment your database. Users may segment on like characteristics, event attendees, etc. Groups can be searched and pulled back in total on the search screen. Constituent Groups are very dynamic and useful for searching and reporting.


      A donation can be made in honor of any constituent in Salsa CRM. The Honor Reason should be added to the thank you letter.

      Individual Type

      A Constituent's main connection to your organization (ie Board Member, Volunteer). One of the ways to segment constituents in your database. This is an optional field and may be redundant with Constituent Groups. Since Individual Type is a single-select field, it is best practice to enumerate, for example, 01-Board Member, 02-Volunteer, etc. and have a police to choose lowest number when an individual fits more than one option. Again, this field is optional. It's primary purpose to give a user an "at a glance" answer to "why is this individual in my database."

      (Smart) Informal Salutation

      Will use Nickname(s) (if present) or First Name on a letter.

      NOTE: If merging from a query, in this example, Nickname must be included in the output fields in the query.


      Fields that can be created to use as filters or output fields in a Forms Type query. 10 keywords are available in a form. Keywords should be the fields on a form that are most often queried upon.

      Letter Template 

      Contains contents of your letter and variables to be pulled in to letter from Salsa CRM. Used for "Form Letters," such as Donation Thank You Letters, as well as appeal letters.

      List As

      How the donor name(s) will appear in a list of donors for an annual report, newsletter, etc. This can be set globally in Configuration.


      Last Year But Unfortunately Not This (year). Reports on donors history based on the timeframe you enter. This is a valuable report for identifying and contacting potentially fallen away donors.

      Mail Merge

      Allow user to open query results in the word processor - to be used for standard mailings or emails.


      Donation made in memory of a deceased constituent in the database. *Deceased Constituent's record must have a deceased date.

      Payment Type Report

      Provides both summary and detail reporting on campaigns and appeals

      Pledge Reminder

      Shows outstanding or due pledges. Can be used to merge reminder notices to donors.

      Pledge Summary Report

      Provides data on pledges entered into Salsa CRM. Also provides projections based on actual collection rate.

      Programmable Tasks

      A task may be assigned to a custom field or the deceased date on the main constituent screen. This allows a user to have Salsa CRM automatically generate a task when the value of a custom field changes. The task can send any number of alerts to Salsa CRM users you assign to the status change. Users will see these alerts when logged into Salsa CRM.


      A Question, or DataSet, that a user requests from Salsa CRM. A way to filter on your data.

      Received Date

      This is the date you got the donation in the mail, handed to you, or the date the transaction took place online.

      Recurring Batches

      Allows ability to process groups of donations (ie payroll deduction donations, United Way payments, etc.)

      Report Wizard

      Allows users to use the output of a query to print a formatted report on the Word Processing Screen

      Salutation Override

      Allows users to change default fields in a mailing, such as a formal salutation to a nickname for an informal salutation, when the letter template calls for a formal salutation.

      Smart Fields

      If data is populated in certain fields, Salsa CRM will automatically bring that data into certain fields. For example, if a donor has a spouse relationship set up in Salsa CRM when they make a donation and you click on co-donor, Salsa CRM will populate the spouse's name in the co-donor field (it can be changed if there is no or a different co-donor). Other examples of Smart fields are address and addressee.

      • The {{Smart Addressee}} variable uses the List As Name of the Individual donation and the combination of Contact Name and Organization Name for Organization contributions.
      • The {{Smart Formal Salutation}} field, by default, uses the Title and Last Name of the donor(s). This field will default to the First Name if no Title is supplied.
      • The {{Smart Informal Salutation}} field uses the Nickname field of the donor(s) and will default to the First Name if no Nickname is supplied.
      • Salsa CRM will be able to parse Titles, First Names, and Last Names from the Contact Name field in most cases.  Everything after a comma would be ignored, like a job title.
      • For summary letters, The {{Smart Addressee}} variable uses the List As Name of the most recent donation in the list of Individual donor gifts. So, if the most recent donation contains a donor and co-donor, both names will appear in the List As name.

      Soft Credit

      The credit that is given to a constituent (individual or organization) that made the donation happen, but did not pay out the funds. If an employee has an employer who matches a donation, the employee gets soft credit for the matching portion that the employer pays.

      For example, if someone donates $100 and they're the only donor, they are recorded as the primary donor and will receive credit for 1 donation of $100. If their company then pledges to match double that gift, their company will be the primary donor of the matching $200 gift, and the original donor will receive Soft Credit of 1 other gift for $200.

      Solicitation Report

      Shows Solicitor relationships and the type and amount of donations made from solicitees.


      Who made the ask? Could be a Board Member who secured a corporate donation for the org, or a member of the development staff.


      Some Year But Unfortunately Not This (year). This is a valuable report for identifying and contacting potentially fallen away donors.


      Placeholders for the data that will be merged in to the letter/email template. Uses brackets. For example, Dear {{Smart Formal Salutation}} pulls in the Title and Last Name of the donor(s), or will default to the First Name if no Title is supplied. Any term that is a column-header at Step#3 of an Advanced Query or Report, can become a variable when enclosed in these brackets, when generating a mail merge or email merge.


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