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    Membership Statistics Report

    In This Article:

      From the menu at the top of the Salsa CRM window, click Reports > Membership Report.

      The totals at the top section of the report are for the entire selected date range, and then there is a breakdown by month, quarter, and year.

      The fields available in each section are as follows:

      • Start Count –the number of Active members on the first day of each defined section. This is the # of subscriptions that have an Active Date < the first day.
      • (Members)–the number of individual constituents included in the active subscriptions. For instance, if you only had 1 membership in Salsa CRM, and it was a Family membership with 5 constituents, the Start Count would be 1 and the Members count would be 5. This lets you know how many constituents you are servicing.
      • New – the number of subscriptions that were processed within the defined time period.
      • (New) Amount – the amount of money due for those new memberships.
      • Renewed – the number of subscription renewals that were processed within the time period.
      • (Renewed) Amount – the amount of money due for those renewed memberships.
      • Expiring – the number of subscriptions with an End Date that falls in the defined time period, and would have expired if no action was taken to renew them.
      • Expired – how many subscriptions were set to expire and DID actually expire within the time period.
      • Retention – the percentage of Expiring memberships that were renewed for the time period.

        For example, if I had a membership set to expire in August, and I didn't renew until Sept, what you would see is...


      ...which shows you that in Aug, the expiring memberships were not retained, but it was still retained for the quarter.

      Along with the above numbers, there was also a membership set to expire in September, but it actually was renewed early in August, what you would see then is the following, which may seem strange at first, but if you think about what you really want to see, is accurate:


      It is important to note that you cannot determine retention rates for the quarter/year/overall by attempting to do any kind of math on the subsections (for example, months).

      If you had 10 memberships expiring and 7 renewed in April, but then 2 of those 3 expired memberships renewed in May or June, for the 2Q you would have 9 renewals, which would make the rate for the quarter 90%.

      • End Count – the end count lets you know how many subscriptions are still active at the end of the defined time period. Note that if a membership expires on the last day of the month, the end count will NOT include it, even though on the last day of the month that membership is active. Think of the end count as occurring after 23:59:59 of the last day.
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