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    Donation Statistics Wizard: Generate an Annual Statistics Report

    In This Article:

      The Donation Statistics Wizard allows you to generate reports on donation statistics. This is an excellent way to generate reports identifying your monthly donation statistics of different campaigns or appeals and to send donation letters.

      As with all Wizards in Salsa CRM the screen is separated into two panels. The panel on the left is where you make your selections.  The panel on the right contains detailed instructions to guide you through the process. Once you have completed the process, Salsa CRM provides the option to save your query. so that you can run it again in the future.

      1. Choose Reports, Queries, and then Donation Statistics Wizard from the main menu.                 
      2. Select one of the three Query Type options: Annual, Monthly, or Donor Statistics. In this example the Annual Statistics query type has been selected.
      3. Use the default Gift Received dates in the On or after and the On or before fields, or enter your own dates. Either or both dates may be left blank.  To enter a date, choose the Calendar button.
        To select the date use the blue left/right arrows to move both month and year or select the drop down arrow next to the month and select the desired month, use the down arrrow to open the year options, click to select the year, then click to select the date on the calendar.  If you don't select the date, the entire date field will return to the default or previous selection.  
      4. Select the drop down arrow and select the desired Campaign.
      5. Select the drop down arrow and select the desired Appeal.
      6. Click the Next button.  
      7. The data is returned with all information that match the criteria defined in the previous steps.

        Confirm that you have included the correct criteria. If you wish to exclude specific records, even though they meet the criteria defined, select the checkbox next to the appropriate record to deselect it.                                         
      8. If changes to the criteria are needed, select the Back button.
      9. If you need to edit information, select the Details magnifying glassNOTE: Adding or Editing information on the Query Detail screen will not permanently modify the record. Click OK to accept the changes or Cancel to close the Query Details pop-up.
      10. After the results are returned, select the Next button. This type of query will allow you to Save Query Results to your computer.
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