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    Edit an Existing Supporter Record

    In This Article:

      There will be times when you will need to edit a supporter's record, to add a cell phone number, for example.

      To edit a supporter record...

      1. Click the Supporters tab on the left side of the screen. 
      2. In the Search field above the list of supporters toward the bottom of the screen, type the name of the supporter you wish to edit.
      3. Click Enter or press the magnifying glass to the right of that field. This will change the list of supporters to those who match your search criteria.
      4. Click once directly on the supporter's name or email address. The supporter details screen appears. 
      5. Edit the supporter data you wish to modify.
      6. There are three buttons at the bottom of the screen that indicate what you can do next:
        • Discard Changes—This option discards any new supporter you were attempting to add and returns you to the main Manage Your Supporters screen.
        • Save this Supporter!—This option saves the record and stays on the page for continuing edits to this supporter.
        • Save & Close—This option saves the record and closes the add screen, returning you to the main Manage Your Supporters screen.
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