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    Edit Existing Forms

    In This Article:

      Salsa CRM enables you to edit most existing forms. However, if the form template is in use on constituent records, the form cannot be modified. Instead, you can create a copy of the form. If the Action Prohibited warning pop-up appears, click OK to close it; a copy of your form will be opened for editing. See Copying Forms for detailed directions.

      Edit the Form

      1. Edit the form:
        • Delete fields by clicking the red x next to fields you want to delete.
        • To delete a row, select the row (by clicking it), and then click Remove Row. The row and all of the items in it will be deleted.
        • To add an item to the form, select the row to which you want to add a form, and then click the Add Item... button. The Item Editor dialog box will appear. Enter a name for the new element, select parameters (such as type of field, field appearance, number of characters), and then click OK.
        • To add a row above or below an existing row, select a row, and then click Add Row Before or Add Row After. You can use Add Items to the row.
          Note: It is not possible to rearrange items within rows.
      2. In the Form Details frame, click Save. The new form will appear in the Form Manager.

      Edit Items in the Form

      1. Click to select the item that you want to edit.
      2. In the Item Details frame to the left of the window, change Lead Spacing, Label Spacing, or Screen Width.
      3. Click the Details... button to open the Item Editor. Change the name and/or parameters of the item.
      4. Click OK at the bottom of the Item Editor.
      5. In the Form Details frame, click Save. Note, if you do not click Save, your changes will not be saved.
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