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    FAQ: How Do I Create a Query Targeting Only Heads of Households?

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      Head of Household table and Aggregate Fields are available in a constituent-type Advanced Query. These fields are available for generating custom reports that include only the heads of households and their corresponding contact information. The Head of Household ID field can also be output and filtered on in donation-type queries.

      Several Head of Household fields are in the Available Fields panel of the constituent-type query:

      • Head of Household ID: Constituent Number of the Head of Household
      • Head of Household?: Y or N – correlates with setting on Constituent Record
      • Household Member Count: Count of number of constituents in household
      • Household Member List: Lists First Name(s) of each member of the household (sans Head of Household)

      A Head of Household table is also in the Available Fields window. This table includes the basic constituent information including Groups, Addresses, Phone Contacts, Email Contacts, Social Contacts, URL Contacts, and Spouse information.

      Salsa CRM can sum Donations, Pledges, Pledge Payments, Recurring Payments, and Matching gifts for everyone in the household. To aggregate household values such as adding up all gift amounts...

      1. Create an aggregate field.
      2. Sum the Donation Info Donation Amount field by Head of Household ID in a constituent-type query. 
      3. Further filtering may be necessary, like a Filter Field to only include donations and exclude pledges, such as...
        Donation Info Donation Type equals Donation
        or a Filter Field on a Received Date range in 2018.


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