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    Salsa CRM Toolbar

    In This Article:

      The Salsa CRM toolbar is an internal navigational aid to direct you to all the functionality that Salsa CRM has to offer. This toolbar is available at the top of every screen in the software. In addition to functional elements represented by certain icons, there are menus to navigate to all the functions you want to find in Salsa CRM.


      Check out the Salsa CRM Toolbar training course.

      CRM Logo salsacrm-mini.png

      Click this icon to take you to the My Dashboard screen. You can also reach this screen by selecting the Manage > My Dashboard menu.

      Constituent Search

      In the white text box in the left section of the toolbar...

      1. Type the individual's name for your search either as Firstname Lastname or Lastname, Firstname (with the comma included).
      2. Either press the Enter key or click the Search button. If there is only one Constituent record that matches your search criteria, that record will open immediately.
      3. If there is more than one record, a list will open from which you can make the appropriate selection by clicking once on the Constituent's name.


      Check out this article for more information on Constituent Search.

      NOTE: If you have not configured Salsa CRM to automatically open a constituent record if it only returns one match...

      1. Navigate to the Tools > Options > Other menu
      2. Click the checkbox next to Automatically open the record if a Constituent search returns only one match.
      3. Click Save when finished.

      Phonetic Search phonetic-icon.png

      If you're looking for an individual constituent and think you may have the right name but aren't sure, Salsa CRM can search for individual constituent last names that are similar (this does not work for Organization records). A Phonetic Search button—which looks like a pair of headphones—is located to the right of the Search Constituents box on the toolbar.

      1. Enter the search terms.
      2. Click the Phonetic Search button. Salsa CRM automatically inserts the ~ (tilde) character before the last name search term. This tells the database to perform a more "fuzzy" search on the last name instead of a regular search.


      Favorites heart-icon.png

      Every user can add frequently accessed constituents to their own Favorites list. Access constituents in the Favorites list quickly from the CRM toolbar.


      To add a constituent's name from the Favorites list...

      1. Click on the Favorites button
      2. Choose Add Favorite Constituent. The Constituent Search screen opens.
      3. Enter the desired constituent search parameter.
      4. Click the Search button.
      5. If only one constituent matches the search parameters it will automatically be added to the Favorites list. If multiple possible matches are listed, double-click on the desired constituent name to add that record to the Favorites list.

      To remove a constituent's name from the Favorites list...

      1. Click the Favorites button.
      2. Choose Remove Favorite.
      3. Click on the constituent you wish to remove.

      Manage Menu

      Most links on this menu configure, set up, or otherwise manage data in Salsa CRM. There are many submenus with lots of functionality to configure. Links to further information on the functionality listed below.

      Reports Menu

      If you put something in Salsa CRM, you should expect to get it out again. These reports are categorized by Cultivation, Membership, Fundraising Performance, Gifts, Time Scheduling, Custom Queries, and Emailed Reports.

      Tools Menu

      Tools to help manage data and tasks within the system. 

      Donation Search Icon gift-icon.png

      You can search for an existing donation from this screen by the following parameters:

      • "List As" Name
      • Type
      • Donation ID
      • Minimum Amount
      • Maximum Amount
      • Donation UUID

      Please see this article for more information on searching for donations.

      Donation Add Icon gift-add-icon.png

      Quickly add new donations to Salsa CRM. Please see this article on adding a new donation.

      Favorite Functions Icon star-icon.png

      This icon shares shortcuts to existing functionality, using fewer clicks than using the menu navigation.


      To set up your Favorites, click this link to read more.

      Recent Constituent Search

      This menu displays the 30 most recent constituents you had reviewed in previous Salsa CRM sessions. For instance, if you were viewing a specific Constituent record and need to quickly recall that information, click on the Recent dropdown arrow and select the desired item.


      NOTE: The Recent list will only refresh on your next login. For example, if you open Bob Smith’s record, you will not see Bob’s name on the Recent list until you've logged out of Salsa CRM and logged in again.

      Need Help Button need_help_button.png

      Software support resources for Salsa CRM Users...

      • Help—Learn how to use the software features interactively using our in-app walkthroughs.
      • Documentation—Read how and why to use Salsa CRM functionality in our extensive knowledge base articles.
      • Submit Support Request—Send a direct request to our Customer Support team.
      • About—View the current software version, build number, and a QR code so you can share a quick link to your Salsa CRM database.

      Notifications Icon megaphone.png

      The Salsa CRM Task Notification system will alert you in the even of a reminder set for any particular actions to take, such as Pledge installment payment reminders, or Programmable Task reminders. If you have a reminder, there will be a red box with a number of reminders to the left of the Notifications icon, as seen in the screen capture below. Once you click on the red box, the My Tasks window will display. Any Task descriptions due today will display in a gold font, and any past-due tasks will display in a red font.

      NOTE: You can also access the My Tasks window at any time from the Tools > Tasks > My Tasks menu.


      Current User

      The name in yellow at the right side of the toolbar indicates the user currently logged in to Salsa CRM.


      This link logs the current user out of the system and takes you back to the login screen.

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